The primary objectives of VIP@Work are to:

  • build (personal) contacts with VET providers and other stakeholders required to develop new internship opportunities for both vocational college students and SMEs;
  • improve their knowledge relating to the internship “business case”;
  • gain information on potential sectors where internships can be developed in their particular region;
  • be able to quickly incorporate this new knowledge, improve their staff expertise in this field and engage their SME clients;
  • operate optimally in between the business and education sector.

In addition, and as a result SMEs will be encouraged to take steps towards employing interns. They will be facilitated to:

  • complete an assessment or self evaluation to understand benefits to their own organization;
  • understand the concrete steps required to become an internship employer;
  • gain the skills required to manage the internship process.

The innovative character of this project is the combination of the methodological approach with the ICT tools used.

Dette projekt er finansieret med støtte fra Europa-Kommissionen.
Denne publikation (meddelelse) forpligter kun forfatteren, og Kommissionen kan ikke drages til ansvar for brug af oplysningerne heri.