While the EU and national governments act upon the issue of youth unemployment after students become unemployed or leave formal education, VIP@Work takes a different angle with a more preventive and anticipating role with acting before students become unemployed or leave formal education.



The innovativneness of VIP@work shows in the focus on internships rather than apprenticeships, with taking in the knowledge from their support projects and transfering the more successfull aspects towards internship optimisation. A unique approach of the project is also putting the business support organisations in the role of key messengers and matchmakers between SMEs and interns. With activities of VIP@Work we want to improve the business support side of the equation, rather than further improving the vocational colleges’ efforts who did a lot already for this cause. Still, we involve VET directly in the project to ensure alignment. Since the project is connecting partners all over the EU, we’re making  sure that we effectivly use the international business network of business support organisations to increase the number of international internships.




VIP@Work ensures intermediaries will operate optimally in between the business and education sector. It will also bring VET teachers and students closer to the world of work by making sure VET schools and local businesses get connected, and stay connected. This will be realised by setting up regional VET-Business Internship Partnerships in every partner region involving intermediaries, VET providers and wider stakeholders. A practical blueprint describing how to set up an integrated regional network of internship stakeholders on both the education and business side is already in the making and will be distributed to other beneficiaries in the EU regions, which are not directly involved in the project.This toolkit will facilitate and stimulate organisations and individuals to cooperate and join forces to increase the impact and create an integrated approach.

With all the tools and sources the VIP@Work project will provide you with, you will be able to improve your knowledge regarding the potential sectors where internships can be developed and gain a network of VET providers and other stakeholders. With this knowledge you will be able to operate optimally in between the business and education sector.




Intermediaries’ and SMEs trainings will happen within next activities:

  • Internship Intermediary training and practical tools

You will learn how to become effective Internship Intermediary and get equiped to do so with a course and tools for optimally inform and engage SMEs regarding internships.

  • Win-Winternship course for SMEs

SMEs will learn to understand the full benefits of an internship for both the company as the student. The course contains practical information for the SME on how to become an internship employer. Intermediary organisations can also use this course to inform SMEs about internships and encourage them to get involved.

  • Set up Handbook

Physical and permanent Information Points at (business) support organisations wil be setup to create awareness and facilitate company-intern matchmaking. There you will be able to find handbook and a step-by-step plan on how to do so for other interested parties.

  • Online platform and Community

The online platform will be the centre and also the main legacy of the project, here is where you will be able to facilitate e-learning, exchange and peer support.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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