Inqubators Leeuwarden (INQ) – The Netherlands (Coordinator)

Inqubator Leeuwarden has been active in the northern part of the Netherlands since its establishment as a foundation in 2010.The focus of Inqubator is on helping (student) start-ups to firmly establish their business and to help them maximize their growth over a maximum period of three years. To this end, Inqubator offers a shared room facility in which start-up entrepreneurs can work on their business plan, get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow different kinds of workshops and masterclasses. Most start-up entrepreneurs originate from the VET schools or Universities in the city of Leeuwarden, many of them in the creative sector and/or ICT. Inqubator is in close contact with these schools and supports them with educational programmes on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset by organising lectures, set-up-your-business-in-a-day events at school etc.


Friesland College (FCROC) – The Netherlands

Friesland College is a Regional Training Centre (ROC) for secondary vocational education (VET) and Adult Education (AE). Every year about 10.000 students are registered. Students can choose from a variety of courses, job opportunities, facilities and activities. These are provided throughout the province of Friesland (in the north of the Netherlands) by a teaching and support staff of 850 members. At Friesland College education begins with practice. That is the premise of learning at Friesland College. The development of entrepreneurial skills and behaviour is embedded in the educational curricula. Knowledge ad competences of the students should are relevant recognizable in the eyes of SMEs, industry and organisations. A priority is to change the way of teaching by providing a or less individual approach towards students instead of offering generic educational programmes. In the core of its development Friesland College started with the concept of Workplace Driven Learning. In these programmes students start out in the practical field of work of selected organisations (strategic partners) from day one. Educational are conducted at these organisations.


CCS Digital Education (CRYSTAL CLEAR SOFT) – Greece

Crystal Clear Soft (CCS) is a software development company actively researching on innovative uses of state of play technology in digital publishing, education, training and knowledge dissemination. Offering a turn-key solution, from conceptualization and instructional design to testing and deployment, CCS has developed applications used in thousands of classrooms all over the world! CCS is a mainly commercial company with international presence and an impressive list of customers, especially in the publishing and corporate training sectors.


Eurocrea Merchant – Italy

Eurocrea Merchant is a management consulting firm, active also in research and training, with 3 offices in Italy: in Milan, Naples and Aversa (CE) and a point of contact in Brussels. Our mission is to improve the competitiveness and innovation of European society. To do this, we focus on three core business units that correspond to three teams of qualified experts: Management Consulting, Education and training and European projects. To achieve our goals, we work closely with a vast network of national and European partners: government agencies, universities, research and training centres, chambers of commerce, local development agencies, consulting firms, representative bodies.

North-East Regional Development Agency (NERDA) – Romania

NERDA is an NGO, established in 1999 in Piatra Neamt, Romania, and currently has, as main function, that of an intermediate body for the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020.  Our mission is to generate economic and social development in the North-East Region of Romania. We promote strategies, attract resources, identify and implement financing programmes and offer services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.


European E-learning Institute (EUEI) – Denmark

European E-learning Institute (EUEI) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences. EUEI was founded on the concept of ‘continuing education’, crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their careers. EUEI staff are competent in leadership, team work and the application of diverse quality management frameworks. We prioritiseend-user participation and robust qualitative-quantitative feedback as the chief components of quality and promote individual and organizational learning throughout all our projects.

Momentum Marketing Services – Ireland

Momentum is an Irish VET organisation focused on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education and enterprise organisations, with special focus on developing support structures for SME’s. Founded in 2003, Momentum has grown rapidly in size and now employs 24 staff and subcontractors. Momentum equips over 600 learners per annum through blended learning and our sought after classroom training courses. Momentum also has a strong marketing division specialising in content generation, digital media and social media. Momentum’s specific competencies relate to the design and delivery of innovative programmes for VET learners in many different themes.

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